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South Central Conference
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The South Central Conference of the United Church of Christ is a partnership of churches, associations and leaders of the United Church of Christ throughout Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. From urban to rural, large to tiny, multicultural to ethnic, the SCCUCC is a tapestry of God's beautiful diversity.

We welcome you to explore the wonderful things God is doing in and through the people and churches of the South Central Conference!

What is a UCC Conference?

In some denominations they are known as dioceses. Others call them presbyteries. Some say districts or regions, while others speak of synods.  In the United Church of Christ, they are known as conferences.

The United Church of Christ is composed of the General Synod (i.e., "national church"), 38 regional Conferences, numerous Associations, and thousands of local Congregations.  And yet, the UCC is not a hierarchy. Each of the expressions of the UCC "speak to, but not for" the other expressions.

Why? Because, it's all about relationship and covenant. In the UCC, each expression covenants with the others, partnering to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally, nationally, regionally and locally.

Jesus didn't reject anyone and neither do we. We believe that God loves all of creation equally and that churches must extend God's extravagant welcome to everyone, unconditionally.
South Central Conference


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