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Transitional Team Update

Submitted by: Rev. Nikki Stahl, Chair, Transition Team, President, South Central Conference Board of Directors

Executive Minister, United Christian Church of Austin

At the November Board meeting, Dr. Don shared with the Board of Directors (BoD) that he would not be fulfilling his 7-year call agreement term. The BOD approved the creation of a Transitional Team to consider how we might organize ourselves during the gap between Conference Ministers. 

In January the following team members were approved by the BOD: Rev. Nikki Stahl, Debra Joseph, Rev. Liz Nash, Rev. Gary Kindley, and Jane Holland. 

The Transitional Team met initially on February 2nd to talk through what we had been tasked to do and brainstorm potential organizational models. Several action items came out of that meeting including needing to review bylaws for any potential hurdles, scheduling conversations with current staff, and reaching out to the National church for resources and support. Following that meeting, bylaw suggestions were presented to the board and voted on at a called Board Meeting on February 22nd (see Bylaw Update article). Team members spoke with current staff  and we made contact with Rev. Lee Albertson, UCC Conference Minister Search Coordinator. 

The Transition Team met again this past Sunday (Feb 23rd) with Rev. Alberston so he could outline our options moving forward. With a clearer picture on the timing of transition, the team has been authorized by the BoD to begin collecting Interim Conference Minister profiles and continue to consider plans on how to contract (with compensation) individuals to cover any gap period that may exist between Dr. Don’s departure and an Interim CM being hired. The BoD will make any final decisions on entering into contracts with individuals (Bylaws Article IV Section 10) or an Interim Conference Minister (Bylaws Article IV Section 9). 

Transitions can be anxiety provoking times, but they can also be wonderful opportunities for new ideas, renewal and change. Please prayerfully continue to ask God where God is calling the South Central Conference to be and for the next leaders who can lead us there!

As always, please contact me ( or others on this team, if needed.  

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Nikki Stahl
Chair, Transition Team
President, South Central Conference Board of Directors
Executive Minister, United Christian Church of Austin

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