Welcome Rev. Dr. Campbell Lovett to the South Central Conference

Submitted by the SCC Board of Directors

Dr Campbell smiling near Back Bay Mission sign

Beloved Friends,

The Board is excited to announce that Rev. Dr. Campbell Lovett has been contracted as Consulting Conference Minister effective April 1, 2020. Campbell will be working remotely quarter time for SCC from April 1 – Sept 30. Afterwhich, the Board may contract with Campbell for a full-time Interim Conference Minister starting October 1, 2020 in which he will be located in the SCC area.

Campbell Lovett, a third-generation pastor, recently completed almost eight years as the Conference Minister of the Michigan Conference, United Church of Christ. Before beginning his Michigan ministry in 2012, Campbell served as an Interim Minister, Pastor, Co-Pastor, and Senior Minister at both historic and new churches in New England and North Carolina. In addition to leadership positions at Association, Conference and National settings of the UCC, Campbell has served on the boards of agencies promoting food independence and community organizing.

Campbellā€™s ministry with Conferences is grounded in, and guided by, the statement of purpose of the Central Atlantic Conference:

The conference exists to provide its associations, churches, clergy and laity with an extensive and varied support system, challenging them to a higher, broader and deeper vision of Christian ministry; strengthening and sustaining them in their efforts to be faithful in mission, and linking them to wider church agencies and to each other. It strives to lift up and celebrate our unity in Christ, the gift of our heritage and the richness of our diversity; and to be an agent of mission in our society and the global community.

Campbell and his spouse, Eileen, a quilter and creator of liturgical stoles, reside in New Hampshire, and are the parents of two grown sons, Samuel, a university chaplain in Worcester, Massachusetts; and Nathan, a lawyer in Washington, DC.

The Transitional Team and the Board of Directors were drawn to Campbell for some of the following reasons:

  • Experience in serving in a conference that has both rural and urban settings with wide diversity
  • 8 years as Conference Minister with a focus on connecting the Conference with Associations and the Local Church
  • High emotional intelligence and pastoral care skills
  • Congregational pastor experience for 28+ years
  • A distinct call to be a/an Consulting/Interim Conference Minister with no interest in settled position

During this Consulting Time (April – Sept), Campbell will be assisting the SCC with the following items

  • Cultivating hope for the future
  • Supporting the current stated initiates of the Conference
    • Spiritual formation
    • Living the Gospel
    • New Church
    • Church Revitalization
    • Stewardship
  • Supporting Annual Meeting Planning and other Conference committees in their ongoing work
  • Evaluating and implementing improved communications including support of new website & resources for the Conference
  • Engaging in pastoral conversations with Local Church Authorized Ministers
    • Building relationships & gather information
    • Advocating Communities of Practice or support groups for clergy
    • Working with Associations to foster Periodic Support Consultations
  • Reviewing and creating policy & procedures including clearly defined roles for Conference staff
    • Formulating Position Descriptions for all Conference staff
    • Conducting Performance Reviews and Objective Setting with Conference staff
  • Engaging with the Unified Conference Level Fitness Review committee
  • Servings as placement officer of the Conference and guiding the Search and Call initiatives of the Conference
    • Overseeing the validation of Profiles
    • Providing resources to local church Search Committees to enhance their work
    • Coordinating Conference engagements with churches in transition
  • Supporting search committee and the search and call process for a Settled Conference Minster

Other job duties outlined in bylaws will be addressed as his quarter-time hours allow. The Conference Office, the Board of Directors and others that the Board may tap, will be filling in any gaps of coverage. We will need to lean in and help one another which seems even more so to be the theme these days.  

The Conference will be moving forward with a Settled Conference Minister search as outlined by our bylaws. We will also continue our working relationship with Rev Albertson, utilizing his expertise at the National Level in helping conferences in transitions.

We are excited about the depth of wisdom, pastoral care, and Conference level experience that Campbell brings to our Conference. We look forward to our future as the South Central Conference and how God will continue to work through us all. 

Peace and blessings, 

SCC Board of Directors


  1. Reply
    Rev Laura Barnes says:

    Welcome to the SCC

  2. Reply
    Jasmine C Quinerly says:

    Welcome Dr. Lovett. SSC has a wide territory, however the words on the sign next to you is the covenant belief for every church within its borders. We want to “…seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.”

    Blessings on all you and the work of Our Lord.

  3. Reply
    Frank dietz says:

    WELCOME, Campbell! You are needed! Gracias, …

  4. Reply
    Jerry Nuernberger says:

    Lost track of you. Sounds like you have entered a new stage of life and ministry. I have been receiving the UCC daily devotions for the last year or so. Don’t know why, but you came to mind, and wondered what you are up to. See that you live in the North East….if you ever find yourself wandering toward Pittsburgh…..let me know. Blessing in your work with Texas.
    Jerry Nuernberger

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