Search & Call

Search & Call is the process by which Authorized Ministers and Congregations come together for shared ministry in the name of Jesus Christ and on behalf of the United Church of Christ.

Search & Call takes considerable time and thoughtfulness, with prayerful attention to both logistical detail and the movement of the Holy Spirit. It is expected that authorized ministers and local congregations will work closely with the South Central Conference while moving through in the Search & Call process.



Reach out to the Conference Minister for assistance with resources and training, such as:

To register your Search Committee with the Conference and begin the process for the Local Church, please click the button below:

Register Your Search Committee


The Guide to Pastoral Search & Call for Ministers/Candidates in Search provides discernment tools and practical help during the search process. Use the following tools for your professional networking:

Visit UCC Ministry Opportunities Website

Maintain an account in the Ministerial Profiles system, where both the Snapshot and Profile are created, to demonstrate your availability to serve as a special resource person, supply minister, designated-term minister, intentional interim minister, and/or settled minister. If you’re a minister from another denomination and you hope to seek a call in the United Church of Christ, you should first be in conversation with your local UCC Association.


The Guide to Pastoral Search & Call for Intentional Interim Pastors provides logistical and liturgical tools for the interim season. Use the Local Church Profile to assist the momentum and work of the congregation during an interim season. You may work closely with the governing body or a transition team to engage the whole congregation in discovery, assessment, and/or healing, in preparation for the call of a next settled minister. It is expected that you will work collaboratively with the Conference Minister and help the congregation do the same.

The ethics of professional transitional ministry dictate that no minister serving under intentional interim terms of call is eligible to be considered a candidate for the settled position when it becomes available.

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